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Please take a minute to answer two questions in our survey. The feedback is essential to improving the programs and all feedback both negative and positive will ensure we continue to be the best we can be as an organization. 

Board of Trustees

Liverpool FCIA Western Maryland is guided by a Board of Trustees responsible for local decision making on club strategy, philosophy, culture, mission, and vision with the breadth and depth of resources only available through the Liverpool FC International Academy.

Parents Committee

Running a non-profit sports organization takes time, energy, and talent. Liverpool FCIAA Western Maryland’s parents and coaches committee meet every month and are dedicated to the club's efficient and effective operations.

If you’re interested in contributing to Liverpool FCIA Western Maryland please contact Brad Moore, President of the Parents and Coaches Committee at:

Mailing Address

Liverpool FCIA Western Maryland

P.O. Box 3695

Hagerstown, MD 21742-3695