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Team of the Month Award

11/07/2022, 9:30am EST
By Alan Lydiate

LFCIA-Maryland West Wins Team of the Month Award

We are excited to announce October’s winners of our LFC International Academy Teams of the Month competition.

Teams are nominated by staff at LFC academies across the globe to recognise their achievements, whether it’s been a success on the pitch or representing our club values off it. Nominations are then reviewed by LFC and the winners selected.

October is the second month we have run the inactivate and we are delighted to announce we have three teams who have won the accolade this month.

Congratulations to teams from LFC IA Maryland, LFC IA Massachusetts and LFC IA South Florida whose nominations have been chosen as our winners in October.

Marketing director at LFC IA Massachusetts Jessie Davis nominated their LFC IA Massachusetts 2009 boys team. Jessie said of the nomination: “Their commitment to each other has been outstanding. The fall EDP season began by traveling to Connecticut and earning a victory over Rush FC.  Week two took them to Rhode Island where the boys battled with the RI Surf team and came away victorious. The month ended with two home wins against Bayside and Juventus Boston. It’s been a great month for the boys. Team unity is a major strength of this group who has been together for a long time.”

Our second winner was nominated by director of coaching Gary Walker at LFC IA South Florida, for how his group has dealt so well with the challenges faced when coming together as a new team. He said: “It’s our first season as LFC. This particular group are a great bunch of players that I’ve nicknamed the Magnificent 7! Coach Ty is doing an incredible job with them and we're really looking forward to watching them grow and develop as they benefit from being part of this fantastic technical program.”

The final winner was nominated by academy director Alan Lydiate at LFC IA Maryland, for the fund-raising efforts of his team. Alan commented: “LFC IA Maryland west region participated in the 95th Annual Mummers’ Parade. Players from across the club came together for a community event wearing the liver bird upon their chest, singing songs and waving flags! This is a community competition, so the players re-enacted the Hendo shuffle for the judges. Young Bryce Miller was the one to lift the trophy. He was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at just five weeks old and still receives regular medical treatment for the condition. Some of the players came together to raise funds for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Bryce unfortunately was out for nearly two full years due to the pandemic and this fall season was the first opportunity for him to be able to re-join the club and be with his LFC teammates and friends.”

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