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CAP College Guide

The CAP College Guide is a comprehensive professionally created manual that serves as a step by step guide to the college process. Designed by professionals at Liverpool FC International Academy America for our athletes, this guide contains information about:

  • Creating your Pathway to College
  • Deciding Which School is Right for You
  • Liverpool FC International Academy America’s Commitment to our Players and Families
  • Roles and Responsibilities 
  • Parents Understanding
  • Scholarships and Grants
  • The College Divisions
  • “Marketing Yourself”
  • Team Brochures
  • Player Profiles
  • Events and Programs to Attend
  • Important Benchmarks such as the Clearinghouse, Verbal Commitments
  • Official and Unofficial Visits
  • What College Coaches are Looking For
  • Sample Scripts for Writing to College Coaches
  • Dream Big, and Follow up with Action