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Foundation Phase U9-U11

From the ages of U9-U11, our coaches use drills from the 'Foundation Phase' of our curriculum. The sessions are designed to develop the players technical ability, decision making and creativity at an early age so they develop the required tools to transition into the next phase of their development. Some of the focuses of these sessions can be found below:

Development Focuses

  • Demonstrate a desire to win at practice and at games.
  • Bravery in wanting to have the ball.
  • Develop physical competency in agility, balance, co-ordination and speed.
  • Ball mastery - twist and turn - changes of direction with the ball.
  • Technical quality to dominate their opponent.
  • Receiving techniques and skills.
  • Moving techniques - running with the ball, dribbling.
  • Releasing techniques - passing and shooting.
  • Develop an understanding of occupying key areas during play.
  • Develop an understanding of playing through, around or behind.
  • Tactical instruction within practice and games.