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Youth Development Phase U12-U16

From the ages of U12-U16, our coaches use drills from the 'Youth Development Phase' of our curriculum. The sessions are designed to continue building towards technical proficiency while introducing tactical concepts that will further their development into young adults. 

We believe an attacking style of play based on effective possession of the ball is the best style to improve learning and development. To develop creative, technically proficient players, freedom of expression is vital in an environment that promotes decision making. In addition to these core attributes of a Liverpool FC International Academy, we never lose sight of the importance of instilling a high work ethic and a strong collective mentality when representing the club.

Our concentration on five key components of developing a top soccer player are shown below.

Development Focuses

During the Youth Development Phase, our coaches work on five key moments in the game:

  • In Possession
  • Out of Possession
  • Counter Attacking
  • Counter Defending
  • Attacking & Defending Set Plays

We work through these moments by coaching in five week cycles that educate the players on different facets of the game and create complete players and teams that can flourish.

Phase 1 - Defensive Half

Phase 2 - Attacking Half

Phase 3 - Transitions

Phase 4 - Out of Possession

Phase 5 - Consolidation

The development areas these age groups focus on at training and in games are combined with extra learning opportunities such as:

  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Injury Prevention Guidance
  • Nutritional Advice
  • Performance Evaluations
  • Sports Psychology Workshops

We believe the experience our players receive at this level truly encompasses the development all five parts of our player development model. This diagram can be seen to your right.