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Boys Tryouts

Supplemental Tryouts 2023-24 Season

Tryout 2023 are now complete for 2023 and teams have been created, however we provide opportunities for players to be evaluated throughout the soccer year 2023-24 season. These are called supplemental tryouts and players can register and be evaluated throughout the soccer year. Please see the link below to register and email if you have any questions.

Tryout Registration Click Here!

Register here for an evaluation in Hagerstown MD.


Team Plans act as a guide to the teams activities for the soccer year.

2023-24 TEAM PLANS:

u19 2005/06 Boys Team Plans (Travel Competitive)

u17 2007/08 Boys Red Team Plans (Travel Competitive)

u17 2007/08 Boys White Team Plans (Travel Competitive)

u15 2009/10 Boys Red Team Plans (Travel Competitive)

u15 2009/10 Boys White Team Plans (Travel Rec)

u13 2011/12 Boys Red Team Plans (Travel Competitive)

u13 2011/12 Boys White Team Plans (Travel Competitive)

u13 2011/12 Boys Black Team Plans (Travel Rec)

u11 2013/14 Boys Red Team Plans (Travel Competitive)

u11 2013/14 Boys White Team Plans (Travel Rec)

u9 2015/16 Boys Red & White Team Plans (Travel Rec)


Please email Academy Director Alan Lydiate with any questions:

Our academy teams train year round led by our experienced coaches using a curriculum that has produced some of the world's best players. Our players 'learn to play the Liverpool way' through carefully designed cycles that aim to develop the player technically, tactically, physically, psychologically and socially through LFC's proven methods.

Tryouts will be conducted by the respective coaching staff in the age group as well as overseen by the club's senior coaching staff to ensure that both performance and potential are accurately assessed. Please search below to register for an evaluation!


Age Group Birth Year Coach
U19B 2005/06 Stan Hott
U17B Red 2007/08 Josiah Norris
u17B White 2007/08 Paul Wood
U15B Red 2009/10 Dylan Zambrana
u15B White 2009/10 Nick Stenersen
U13B RED 2011/12 Josh Tinelli
U13B WHITE 2011/12 Dylan Zambrana
U11B BLACK 2011/12 Luis Cuevas
U11B RED 2013/14 Braden Chapman
U11B WHITE 2013/14 Derrick Wolfensberger
U9B RED 2015/16 Dylan Zambrana
U9B WHITE 2015/16 Daniel Estrada


Contact Liverpool FCIA Maryland Academy Director

Alan Lydiate: Email:

Office: (240) 469 4386.