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To register for a tryout, dates and all other information.


To register for a tryout, dates and all other information.

Tryouts: Season 2023-24

Do you have what it takes to Play the Liverpool Way?

At LFCIA we pride ourselves on developing the players to be the best they can be both on and off the field. Our family values are at the core of everything we do and we aim to deliver the most authentic coaching program to all our participants through the same curriculum and training methodology that has developed some of the games greatest players at our Academy in England. 

We Identify players through our tryouts, where players can be evaluated to see if the what team is the best fit. We have two levels of play Local and Competitive. Players will be placed appropriately to best enhance their development.   

We Are Liverpool FC International Academy Maryland!


1. Should I attend both tryouts? 

Yes it is preferred you attend both to be effectively evaluated and placed on appropriate level team. We understand this may not be possible with the dates provided but strongly encourage you to try. 

2. Is there a fee to tryout? 

No. Registration is free and no fees will be collected until the players is made an official offer. 

3. What should be bring/wear?

Players should bring ball and water, wear comfortable clothes. Current players will be dressed in black.  

4. When will we hear from the coach if we made the team?  

Usually within 48 to 72 hours after the last tryout date. 

5. Do High School age players need to tryout if they are playing High School in the fall season?

Yes! While the primary season for the High School age players is November thru June, there will be some light recovery practices through the fall season.

6. Does LFCIA-MD provide financial support to help families who need help with costs?

Yes there is a scholarship program and all information is kept confidential. If your child is selected you can then apply for the scholarship. An LFC commitment fee of $175 must be made by the family. Scholarship amounts will be determined by the LFC Board of Directors upon review of the application.  


Contact Liverpool FCIA Maryland Academy Director

Alan Lydiate:

Office: (240) 469 4386


Each year Liverpool FCIA Western Maryland has a limited amount of funds available to help families who may need financial support. In order to apply for financial aid the applicant must:

  1. Review the Scholarship Policy and agree to adhere to it in its entirety.
  2. Email Financial Director:  for application form